Detach To Attach <3

My Dearest Daughter,

As I sit here, on the terrace, gazing at the stars, I wonder why we get so disappointed in life. It might be because we get too attached to this dunya (world), letting our lives revolve around it and all that it has to offer. We get into a habit of constantly expecting from others, and when our expectations are not fulfilled, we lose hope, get upset and disappointed. Continue reading “Detach To Attach <3”


The Survival Kit

My Dearest Daughter,

Life can be very tough at times and during these tough times you just wish that someone could come and sort out all your problems for you. This is what mothers are there for, to help you through life’s ups and downs. However, we can’t always be there for you… with you. That is why, I believe, for times like these, every girl should be handed a survival kit. Initially, she might not understand the true importance of this kit, but once she’s mature enough to understand and feel things, she’ll thank you for it, trust me.

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