Detach To Attach <3

My Dearest Daughter,

As I sit here, on the terrace, gazing at the stars, I wonder why we get so disappointed in life. It might be because we get too attached to this dunya (world), letting our lives revolve around it and all that it has to offer. We get into a habit of constantly expecting from others, and when our expectations are not fulfilled, we lose hope, get upset and disappointed.

However, we must remember, that this world will never be able to completely fulfill all our expectations. Therefore, my dear, in order to avoid disappointment, you need to detach yourself from this world, its people, its things and the false expectations it gives you. By this I do not mean to completely cut yourself off from it, but to detach to the extent that you don’t get affected by any of these disappointments.

Your heart is far too precious to be attached to temporary illusions, so attach it to the one Who is eternal and Who never disappoints. However, in order to attach your heart to Him you must first detach it from everything else.

My dear, always lay your hopes and dependencies with Allah, He will never let you down because Allah loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime, and He always will. ❤

Lots of love,

– H


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